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AidWatch Canada is a small not-for-profit Canadian organization devoted to the conduct and dissemination of independent research and analysis of current trends in aid and development cooperation and their implications for Canadian aid policies and practices.

Recent papers by AidWatch Canada are listed below.  AidWatch Canada’s research and analysis is profiled under three main headings:

Canadian Aid Trends (Updated January 2018)

Global Aid Trends  (Updated April 2017)

CSOs in Development Cooperation  (Updated November 2017)

Links to a comprehensive set of resources produced by AidWatch Canada’s Executive Director can be found in the Resources page.


Recent Papers


Canadian Climate Finance

Brian Tomlinson, 2017. The Reality of Canadian International Climate Finance, 2010 to 2015, A Benchmark Report, A Report prepared for the Canadian Coalition on Climate Change and Development (C4D), November 2017

Addendum One: List of Canada’s Climate Finance Projects, 2010 to 2015

Addendum Two: Projects Supported through Canada’s Dedicated Climate Funds at the IFIs

Methodological Notes

Documentation Consulted

Brian Tomlinson, 2017.  Implementing a Human Rights Based Approach: Lessons from the experience of providers’ international assistance, AidWatch Canada, August 2017.

Brian Tomlinson, 2017. Reflections on Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy, AidWatch Canada, June 2017.

Brian Tomlinson, 2017. An Enabling Environment for Canadian CSOs: Appropriate Donor Funding Mechanisms for Effective CSO Partnerships, A Discussion Paper, AidWatch Canada, February 2017.

Bena, Farida, with Brian Tomlinson, 2017. The outcome of the 2cd High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation and why it matters, January 2017.

Brian Tomlinson, 2016. “Assessment of the [GPEDC] Nairobi Outcome Document:  Opportunities and challenges,” AidWatch Canada, December 2016.

Brian Tomlinson, 2016. Reflections on the Global Partnership’s Second Progress Report, AidWatch Canada, November 2016.

Brian Tomlinson, 2016. Global Aid Trends, 2016, Financing Agenda 2030:  Where are the Resources, in the Reality of Aid Network, 2016 Global Reality of Aid Report, October 2016.

Reality of Aid Coordinating Committee, 2016. Undermining Democratic Country Ownership: Embedding northern development agendas through technical cooperation?, a chapter for the 2016 Global Reality of Aid Report, prepared by Brian Tomlinson on behalf of the Coordinating Committee.

Brian Tomlinson, 2016. Improving Effectiveness: A contribution to the International Assistance Review, AidWatch Canada, June 2016.

Inter-Council Network, 2016. Small and Medium Size Civil Society Organizations as Development Actors: A review of evidence, A Report prepared for the Inter-Council Network by Brian Tomlinson, AidWatch Canada, April 2016.