Canadian Aid Trends

This section sets out current trends in Canadian Official Development Assistance (ODA).  The first page below describes the overall disbursement amounts and performance of Canadian ODA.  The second page provides some overall trends in the allocation of Canadian ODA to geographic regions and to “priority countries.”




Trends in Total Canadian ODA Disbursement: Totals and Performance

Updated April 2017.


1.  Recent annual disbursements in Canadian ODA

2.  Recent cuts to Canadian ODA

3.  Calculating “Real Canadian ODA”

4.  Canadian ODA Performance

5.  A Ten Year Plan to Achieve the UN ODA Target of 0.7% of Canada’s GNI

6.  Historical trends in Canadian ODA Performance


Trends in the Allocation and Priorities for Canadian ODA

Updated March 2017


1.  Regional Distribution of Country-Allocated Canadian ODA 

1.1  Current Trends in Regional Allocations of Canadian ODA, 2000/01 to 2014/15

1.2  A commitment to double aid to Africa between 2003 and 2008

1.3  Trends in aid devoted to long term development programming

1.4  Trends in GAC multi-country regional programming

2.  Disbursements of Canadian ODA by Delivery Channel 

2.1  Global Affairs Canada ODA by Delivery Channel

2.2  Regional Trends for Delivery Channels for GAC ODA

3.  Disbursements of Canadian ODA to Priority Countries   

3.1 Overview of Priority Countries

3.2  Targeting the 25 Priority Countries

4.  Sector Allocation of Canadian ODA

4.1  Introduction

4.2  Trends in Poverty-Focused GAC ODA

4.3  Trends for Specific Sectors