CSOs in Development Cooperation


Global Affairs Canada’s Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations


Many Canadian civil society organizations (CSOs) have had long standing partnerships with Global Affairs Canada in support of their programming and projects.  In 2010 the relationship between then CIDA (now Global Affairs Canada) and CSOs changed significantly, with several organizations involved in policy having their funding not renewed and others limited by the adoption of a call-for-proposal mechanism as the main avenue for determining which organizations Global Affairs Canada will support through Partnerships for Development Innovation Branch.  In September 2017 the Minister for International Cooperation launched a revised policy for civil society organizations, entitled Canada’s Policy for Civil Society Partnerships for International Assistance: A Feminist Approach. The pages below examine some of the financing trends in Global Affairs Canada’s relationship with CSOs. 


Trends and policy issues are set out in these two pages:


A.  Trends in Global Affairs Canada’s Partnerships with CSOs

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Updated November 2017


1.  Overview of Global Affairs Canada’s support for CSOs

1.1  Introduction

1.2  Broad trends in support for CSOs from Global Affairs Canada      

2.  Global Affairs Canada Branch Disbursements through CSOs

2.1  CSO disbursements through Partnerships for Development Innovations Branch

2.2  CSO disbursements through Geographic Regional Bilateral Branches & Global Issues and Development Branch

3.  Global Affairs Canada Disbursements through CSOs for Humanitarian Assistance

4.  Calls-for-proposals with CSOs by Global Affair’s Partnerships for Development Innovation Branch: Impacts on CSOs since 2010


B.  Policy Issues in Global Affairs Partnerships with CSOs

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 Updated December 2017


1. Global Affairs Policy on Partnerships with CSOs (2017)

2.  Focusing on Poverty and Rights Issues in GAC Disbursements for CSOs

2.1  GAC’s Gender Equality Marker and CSOs

2.2  Focus on countries where poverty is prevalent

2.3  Focus on countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

3. Supporting Small and Medium-Sized CSOs in Development Cooperation

3.1  Impact on Small and Medium Organizations.

3.2  AidWatch Canada’s study on the effectiveness of small and medium sized Canadian organizations in development cooperation.

4.  Supporting an Enabling Environment for CSOs as Development Actors

4.1  Canada’s commitment to supporting an enabling environment for CSOs in developing countries

4.2  Global commitment to an enabling environment for CSOs